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The profession of RARE BIRD AVIATION is to restore historic airplanes - "Rare Birds" to new and airworthy condition.

We are restoring all types of airplanes from the first years of powered aviation to the fighters of the 1940s and 50s. Our main focus is on airplanes covering the 1920s & 30s - the so-called "Golden Age of Aviation".

Moreover we are working on some types of modern high performance airplanes, aerobatic planes, etc.

Our group of fully licensed aircraft mechanics and pilots are proud to get their "dream machines" flying. Once again airborne these birds should live a long and healthy life in the sky, based on our quality craftsmanship during the process of restoration, followed by proper maintenance and a safe flight operation.


RARE BIRD AVIATION Ltd. is an Austrian Aviation company based near Vienna.

Our Maintenance and Flight Operation is located at Meidl Airport, LHFM, located in Hungary, just a few miles south of the Austrian border - about an hour drive by car or a few minutes by airplane from Vienna.



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Fliegen wie zum Beginn der Luftfahrt: Wir verkaufen Boeing Stearman Doppeldecker, ein Kunstflugzeug mit Sternmotor.

Kunstflug & Flugreisen in Europa, den Himmel erobern im historischen Flugzeug , ein Angebot für Spass, Freude , Flug Vergnügen in der Boeing 450 Super Stearman Special.

Stearman zum Verkauf in Europa!

Aviation History: A aerobatic biplane with radial engine for fun flying.

Fly and enjoy the flights over Europe - have fun, feel the sky. We offer

Stearman for sale in Europe!

Lycoming, Continental, Jacobs, Pratt & Whithney engines, Motore..



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